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An exciting Upcoming event to support our children.

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May 22 2024

Sanjay De Silva will be conducting an authorized fundraiser with his school/athletics team for AMITSU in USA. Please support Sanjay.

We are a very small team, which is funded and run by one family. Therefore, we need all the help we can get. So, whether you want to fundraise for us, volunteer for us or just choose one of the many ways to donate or sponsor, your offer to help will be received with open arms.


The only people more grateful to you than the family that runs the foundation, will be the children whose live's you're about to improve - significantly.



You may click here to donate securily online 


Or send a check

Ami Tsunami Children’s House inc 

A 501 c 3 non profit organization

12501 State Line Rd, Kansas City, MO 64145-1149


To send a check to the Location in Sri Lanka



School Lane,



Sri Lanka.






Required Item/month    
Rice 200 kg
Milk 15 kg
Milo 10 (400gm )pkts
Nestomalt 7(400 gm) pkts
Sugar 25 kg
Flour 25 kg
Rice flour 20 kg
Thosai flour 10 kg
Noodles 20 pkts
Macaroni 2 kg
Gram 8 kg
Green gram 8 kg
Cowpea 8 kg
Gram dhal 8 kg
Mysore dhal 10 kg
Soya meat 5 kg
Potatoes 10 kg
Onions 10 kg
Garlic 3 kg
Papadam 1 kg
Sago 1 kg
Barley 1 kg
Tea leaves 2 kg
Samaposha 25 pkts
Nice biscuits 3 boxes
Marie biscuits 1 box
Cream crackers 1 box
Chocolate biscuits 1 box
Lemon puff 1 box
Salmon 20 tins
Sprats 5 kg
Dry fish 2 kg
Chicken 30 kg
Fish 10 kg
Eggs 140 no’s
Soya sauce 1 bottle
Tomatoes sauce 1 bottle
Honey 1 bottle
Jam 3 large bottles
Astra margarine 2 kg
Jagery 1 kg
Coconut oil 6 lt
Knoor soup cubes 1 bottle
Curry powder 2 kg
Mustard 300 gm
Saffron 300 gm
Pepper 300 gm
Salt 10 kg

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