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Thank you for taking the time to visit. We look forward to your help and guidance.  

Amitsu Annual Fundraising Drive Is On

We are hoping to raise funds, in kind contributions and assistance with much needed services for the upcoming year for 25+ of our children and staff who support us.


and related expenses take up almost 20% of our annual budget.

School, Tuition, Supplies, Transportation and more. There is an onsite nursery school which supports our younger kids and the community kids around our home as well.


and boarding take up 40% of our budget.

Our home has multiple rooms with the girls and boys staying  separately in dorm style quarters. Multiple staff  members take care of the kids 24/7/365. 


and wellness efforts consume almost 40% of the budget.

Health is our number one priority. The nourishment, diet and requisites of a healthy growth of kids is of utmost importance to us. Our meals are from what we procure plus grow in our vegetable gardens. Plus all the medical needs are met by local doctors around the area as well as those from Colombo.

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